Step 1 :: Fill out our quick online application form here for us to better know more about you and your background.

Step 2 :: We will then meet with you to explain our system before accepting your first EigoPass trial lesson.
Step 3 :: When a student registers within your area and matches your profile, we will contact you to arrange a trial lesson.
Step 4 ::If the trial lesson goes well and the student chooses you, we will forward the students contact information to you and arrange your first lesson.  

Housing Resources ________
Long Term Short Term
Tokyo Apartment Sakura Hotel  
Tokyo Apartment Service Japan Hotel Association  
Bamboo House Japan Hotel Network  
J&F Plaza Japan  
Japan Home Search Japan Youth Hostel Association  
Tax Information___________ Embassies_______________
Taxes in Japan The U. S.  
Japan Ministry of Finance The U. K.  
National Tax Agency Canada  
Japan Tax Answers Australia  
*Teachers are responsible for reporting their own incomes received from EigoPass students. These links should provide you with adequate information regarding taxes. For futher assistance if needed, please email us at
Job Search________________ Leisure_________________  
Ohayo Sensei CNN online MyEikaiwa school
Guide to Jobs In Japan The Japan Times Tokyo English
CareerCross Japan The Daily Yomiuri  
JobsInJapan website Metropolis Magazine  
HeadHunter Kimi Info Center  
Japan English Teacher  
Teaching Resources_________ English Proficiency Exams__ Books________________
Grammar Quizes TOEIC Kinokuniya Bookstore
English Zone TOEFL Amazon (Japan)
English Club IELTS  
Travel Information__________    
No. 1 Travel    
Across Travel    
About Japan Info    
Tokyo Train Information    
JR Train Line    
Banking Institutions_________ Transferring Money______  
Citibank Go Lloyds  
Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank    
Mizuho Bank  
Japanese to English Translator_______    
AltaVista Babelfish    
Romaji to English Word translator    
We hope that these links are helpful to you. Should you know of other links that you recommend for us to add, please feel free to email it to us for future additions at


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