We at EigoPass truly understand that students and teachers are the backbone of our company. We at Eigopass.com promise to never under-value or take for granted your skills, talents, and ambitions because you are in essence a part of us. We understand your importance to or organization, which is why we will continually work with you to help facilitate your career and success in Japan.

1. Ongoing support for our teachers

2. Teach in your free time
3. Fixed lesson rate of3000/ hour
4. Get paid after each lesson
5. No lengthy monthly reports to fill out

6. We find students for you

7. Easy 10 minute online registration !
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When I first came to Japan as an English teacher for one of the large English schools, I found it difficult to find students to teach in my spare time. Thank you for helping me find students in Tokyo to teach. I enjoy my lessons and like the freedom of working for myself.

Paul L.

From 3,000 /hour - Paid per Lesson

Work today, get paid today!! Simple and effective for our teachers and students. Students pay after each lesson avoiding the need to prepay large sums of money at one time!!

Created by teachers for teachers!

EigoPass strives by utilizing a level of service unmatched by its online competitors. It is this touch of personalization that has allowed EigoPass to grow as
THE place for teachers and students to come together. Through extensive research and listening to teachers, the company has developed an effective student and teacher matching
system that can adequately match English learners with the "best" match teacher. Another key aspect of the company is that lesson plans are adaptable to tailor each teachers specific strengths and teaching style so that lessons are more productive.
Step 1:
Register via our online registration form here . Once your information is received, we will process it for future student registrations.
Step 2:
Before introducing students to you, we will contact you for a brief meeting to learn more about you and your background.
Step 3:
When we have a student who matches the profile you submitted online, we will contact you to schedule a trial lesson. *
Step 4:
You will meet the student with one of our staff for a brief trial lesson (20-30mins). Should the student choose you as his/her teacher, we will schedule your first lesson and you may begin teaching!
* For maximum possibility of receiving students, the more flexible you are about teaching locations and times, the more prospective students you may get.

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